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We elevate your brand with creative design, modern branding, and intentional website strategy to help you confidently scale your business.

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We get to know your brand, your why, and the unique services and products that set you apart as a passion-driven business. At the heart of our approach are long-term client relationships with visionaries like you that empower us to capture the essence of your brand.

We take the essential core values of your business and build an impactful brand strategy. We design your website, digital content, newsletters, blogs, social media copy, and graphics that communicate brand-aligned messages that showcase the brilliant, life-enhancing impact you offer to your customers.

Studio & Design specializes in elevating your business with modern branding, creative website design, and intentional brand strategy. We help you to confidently nurture and scale your business. We get to know the vision of your brand and the impact that your unique services and products offer your prospective customers.

We help you articulate brand messaging so that it aligns with your why and connects your customers to a shared purpose, moving them toward the ultimate transformation they seek from you.

Meet the Visionary

Behind Studio & Design

Dedicated to nurturing lasting client relationships, Susan blends an understanding of the essence of modern design with a nuanced vision for compelling copywriting and on-point business strategy. 

Invested in her clients’ projects as if they were her own, Susan designs with a creative vision for big-picture strategy, built-to-convert websites, and captivating content creation.

Her work encompasses everything from stunning website design to captivating copy and beautifully designed digital assets. Susan loves writing and managing inspiring blogs, social media, and email copy that captures the unique voice of her clients.

Her love for writing, creative design, and visionary thinking are evident in the beautiful and transformational work she designs for heart-driven, passionate creatives, entrepreneurs, authors, and business professionals like you seeking a strong online presence.

Brand Assets Matter

Studio & Design Can Help

To attract your desired audience, every piece of content you share must communicate a relatable narrative that speaks to the heart of your customer’s needs.
We’ll communicate the essence of your brand across all of your digital assets ~ providing you with the secret to elevating your business. If you have your sights set on digital products such as opt-ins, guides, ebooks, or courses, we’ll take care of both the copy and the design. Perhaps you need someone to take on your email, social media, or blog writing. We’ve got the expertise you need for that too! Whether you’re a globally recognized brand, a small business owner, a professional service provider, or a passionate entrepreneur with a vision for your start-up, we’re well-seasoned and dedicated to supporting you on a per-project or long-term basis.


Our Featured Projects

Discover how our visionary approach and creative design style
will capture the essence of your brand, highlight what makes your brand unique,
and help drive traffic to convert customers seeking the transformation your brand offers. 


How to Elevate Your Brand

We’re dishing on some of the best ways you can boost your brand. Take a look at some easy-peasy lemon . . . well, you get the point. 


Stay tuned for new things coming your way. We’re working hard to create more tools to help elevate your brand!

Our Clients

A website is . . .

An investment in you, your business, and your clients

We help you build an online presence that tells the world who you are, and highlights what sets you apart from the rest. We help tell the story of the possibilities you bring to the lives of your prospective clients. 

With a beautiful website that you can be proud to share, you’ll attract new followers and nurture long-term relationships with clients and dedicated fans. 

You’ll be set to elevate your business in a way that places your life’s work front and centre. You’ll grow and scale your business with brand clarity, confidence, and a purpose that aligns with your heart and that of your audience and customers. 

A seamless process

. . . from start to finish. 

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